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Here's another entry to catch up with stuff that happened earlier this month. I'm going to write about Tanabata, which was lovely. :3

I had stayed over at April's apartment the night before. Leslie and Anna came over and joined us in the morning, and we all helped each other put on our yukatas for the Tanabata matsuri in Kappabashi. Yukatas are pretty, but they can be a lot of effort to wear properly.

We took some pics and did purikura and then headed over to the festival.

七夕 )

We didn't stay at the matsuri for a really long time because the heat was gross, and April and I also had plans for the evening. We left the matsuri and headed over to the Shinjuku Tower Records for exist+trace's in-store event! We decided to head straight there in our yukata.

モノクロの世界 )

Tanabata was really great this year. It's a holiday for wishes and star-crossed lovers, and things just seemed especially fitting for April and I this year. The festival and the in-store were a lot of fun, but what made it the best was that I got to spend it with my darling. <3
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Saturday was Tanabata, but it was unfortunately rainy. (It's even sadder if you consider the Tanabata legend because when it rains the star-crossed lovers supposedly can't meet in the sky.) I went to a Tanabata matsuri in Kappabashi with Leslie, Kaille, and Kaille's housemate Pei. We decided to wear our yukata anyways, which was probably not the smartest decision in retrospect. Shuffling around in a damp yukata is not the best thing ever. We were still able to have some fun moments during the day though. We also got to write our Tanabata wishes for this next year. and hang them on bamboo branches. Let's hope they all come true! Before changing out of our yukata we also took some cute Tanabata purikura.

For dinner Leslie, Kaille, and I headed over to 80+1. It'd been such a long time (for us) since we last went! It was fun. The ladies at one of the other tables kept buying cheki pictures of the waiters and then getting them to pose in slightly suggestive positions for the shots. (They even had reference photos.) It was like getting dinner and a show! We started clapping after a particularly prolonged posing session and the rest of the cafe joined in (lol). The ladies noticed that we were enjoying it too, so they beckoned us over near their table to watch at a closer angle. XD 

Yesterday, I did a bunch of shopping. I'd been meaning to buy some new sandals and boots for a while, so a bought a pair of each. I also started buying some gifts to take back home. It's only about two weeks until I'll be in Chicago, so I really need to got a move on my gift shopping!

Now, I'm mostly just waiting for Thursday because GazettE! I'm super excited because it's my first time going to one of their fan club only lives. It's also a standing live, which is just what I need to burn off some pent up energy. OH MY GOD, I CAN'T WAIT. Why isn't it Thursday yet?


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