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This is pretty late by now, but I still want to write about it. (It's a good distraction from other things.) On June 9th, April and I went to Mejbray's tour final at Akasaka Blitz! I was pretty excited because I'd been looking forward to the live for a while and it was the perfect thing for me to vent my frustrations after a shitty weekend.

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This live was a lot of fun, though I'd say the last tour final at Liquidroom was better. I felt that the encore songs were better, the band was more playful, and the crowd had more freedom to be wild because the stupid bars weren't in the way in the middle of the floor. This live was definitely still good though and it had some really awesome parts. I can always count on Mejibray to put on a great show. Definitely can't wait until their new tour this fall, which I already have tickets for!
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On Wednesday night, I went to the first live of Mejibray's new oneman tour, Blitz of Messiah! The live was at Star Lounge in Shibuya. It was a sold out show. I'm honestly not sure how they managed to fit all of us in the venue because it was pretty small. The crowd literally stretched back past the merch tables, to the back of the live house.

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I was so excited to see Mejibray again and they definitely didn't disappoint! The boys are doing a good job of cementing their spot as one of my favorite bands. More on Mejibray to come in another entry because this was not the only time I ended up seeing them during Golden Week.:3
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On Sunday night, I went to my first Mejibray live! It was fucking fantastic! This is gonna be a long entry, so buckle your seat belts.

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I loved Mejibray before this live, but the band definitely has my heart now. The live was good enough that it's catapulted them up near the top on my list of favorite bands. (It's also probably cemented Tsuzuku as my favorite member of the band.) I definitely want to get tickets to at least one of their shows during their next tour. It's also my goal to be closer to the stage next time. Gotta buy from e+plus so I can get A tickets instead of B tickets!


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