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Here's another entry to catch up with stuff that happened earlier this month. I'm going to write about Tanabata, which was lovely. :3

I had stayed over at April's apartment the night before. Leslie and Anna came over and joined us in the morning, and we all helped each other put on our yukatas for the Tanabata matsuri in Kappabashi. Yukatas are pretty, but they can be a lot of effort to wear properly.

We took some pics and did purikura and then headed over to the festival.

七夕 )

We didn't stay at the matsuri for a really long time because the heat was gross, and April and I also had plans for the evening. We left the matsuri and headed over to the Shinjuku Tower Records for exist+trace's in-store event! We decided to head straight there in our yukata.

モノクロの世界 )

Tanabata was really great this year. It's a holiday for wishes and star-crossed lovers, and things just seemed especially fitting for April and I this year. The festival and the in-store were a lot of fun, but what made it the best was that I got to spend it with my darling. <3
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Another late entry, so I can catch up with everything. On June 14th, exist+trace hosted another 'Crazy Fighters' live at Shinjuku Loft. Of course, April and I had to go check it out, and this time Aki joined us!

April and I weren't sure if we'd be arriving exactly when the live started (since there'd be three bands playing before exist+trace), but we ended up arriving about a minute before the first band took the stage. It was a good thing that we did because exist+trace surprised us by opening the show as their cover band, Muse! April and I totally weren't expecting it at all, so we were super excited. The girls were all dressed in simple black outfits and Naoto and Mally had their hair pulled back cutely. They then launched into Queen's "We Will Rock You"! After the initial surprise, I realized that Jyou's English was actually pretty decent, so I was proud of her. The girls then played a rock version of "Bad Romance" and I almost died of squee! It was so awesome. They kept the amazingness coming by playing "20th Century Boy" and finishing with hide's "Pink Spider! I was so pleased with all of their song choices. :3

Not going to recount the rest of the bands at the live because they weren't particularly special or notable. They weren't bad, but weren't great either.

At the end of the night, it was finally time for exist+trace to take the stage. They played a mix of slightly older and new songs this time around. The girls played "Resonance" for the first time in a long time and I almost lost it. I nearly knocked myself over headbanging in excitement. ^_^; Lol.

The band also announced something special that they were doing for this live, which was the MVP contest. It was our job as the audience to vote for the MVP after the live, to choose the member who had the most energy that night. Jyou announced it on stage and then tried to intimidate Omi, saying that she definitely wouldn't lose and staring her down. Omi tried, but she couldn't keep a straight face and ended up laughing. She tried to pull it together, but couldn't stay serious and ended up giving Jyou a chop to the head. I love it when Jyou pokes at Omi, haha!

"Signal" was a lot of fun too because the Signal whistles were finally back in stock at the goods table! I hadn't remembered to buy one the previous time they were on sale, so April and I both bought them. It was my first time actually having one of the whistles while the girls played "Signal", so that was fun. It was the last song of the night

After the live was over, we got MVP voting forms from Asako. I voted for Jyou because she had so much awesome energy on stage. When we turned in the voting forms, we got stickers that had been signed by the band members.

Aki had to leave early, but April and I then headed over to the goods table because Mally and Miko were helping sell goods! I probably wouldn't have bought anything else, but I really wanted to talk with the girls, so I ended up buying a postcard set (which I'm planning to use to send April postcards later). Mally and Miko were super nice, as always. They thanked us for coming to the live and  we told them how fun it was. They also liked April's whistle, which she had attached to the choker that she was wearing.

April and I then noticed that Jyou was out of the floor handing out flyers. We went up to her and had a really nice little conversation! She thanked us for coming to the live and then said (in Japanese, of course), "You live in Japan, right? I often see you at the lives." It made me really happy that she noticed (of course, it'd be kind of hard not to notice us almost always up near the front of the crowd, but still). I told her that I love the band, so I enjoy getting to go to their lives. At this point, one of the other bands came up to greet Jyou and tell her they were leaving, and she got this adorably conflicted look on her face. You could tell that she wanted to talk to them, but she didn't want to turn away from us, so she briefly talked with them and then continued her conversation with us. She's such a sweetie. We told her that were looking forward to "Diamond" and that we were definitely going to buy it. She also noticed April's whistle and mentioned that she liked it. After that, we didn't want to keep her for too long (because I swear Jyou would just keep talking), so we said our goodbyes. She told us to come again and to be careful going home. Aww.

It was a good end to a fun live! Going to these event lives definitely pays off. :)
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Another late entry because I've been lazy about typing this stuff up recently. Here's the last of the concerts that I've been to recently.

On May 19th, April and I went to exist+trace's Vanguard live in Shimokitazawa. This Vanguard live was produced by Miko and the theme was 'Dress Code: Red', which is exactly what it sounds like. April and I had fun putting together our red outfits for the show before heading out.

心の火 )

Can't wait until the next Vanguard live! Naoto and Omi are the only ones who haven't produced a live yet and I can't wait to see what both of them will come up with. :3
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On 5/10, April and I went to see exist+trace at Shinjuku Loft. The band was holding a live event called 'Crazy Fighters'. Including exist+trace, four bands played.

April and I opted to get food before the live and arrive a bit after the start, since exist+trace would be the last act hitting the stage. It took us a little bit of wandering through Kabukicho (Shinjuku's red light district) to actually find the live house. It ended up being in the basement floor of a giant building of host clubs lol. April and I scurried past all the hosts waiting around the building to get inside.

When we arrived, the first band was already a good portion of the way through their set. I caught a glimpse of Mally enthusiastically watching them perform from behind the goods table. She's such a cutie. :3

The second band, Where's Andy?, was a group of three youngish girls, who performed what I'll call 'chipmunk rock" (hard rock songs with a really squeaky, cutesy vocalist). Not quite my thing. The third band, 快進のICHIGEKI, was a group of guys who performed more typical hard rock, with some traditional Japanese elements thrown in. They were good though because they got the audience really pumped up. The vocalist actually started singling people out in the crowd who weren't participating and got them to come closer to the stage. April and I weren't close enough to the crowd, so he decided to single us out until we participated to his liking lol. It did end up being a fun set though.

While we were waiting for exist+trace to take the stage, April and I ended up next to the vocalist for Where's Andy?. She noticed us from the crowd earlier (which I felt slightly bad about because we weren't that enthusiastic about their music) and struck up a conversation with us, asking if we spoke Japanese. We talked with her for a minute about learning English and Japanese and then about exist+trace. She was cute and it was clear that she admired the band.

Soon it was finally time for exist+trace to perform! April and I were close to the front, between Jyou and Omi, as usual. Jyou cut her hair and it's now a cute chin length bob. The girls played a great fast paced set that was a mix of songs from 'Virgin' and their brand new songs. The new songs are really growing on me the more I hear them! They started with "Diamond", their newest single, which is a lot of fun. The coolest part of the night was when they performed "RAZE". Shinjuku Loft has recording equipment, so they recorded the audio of the song and then burned it to CDs that they gave to everyone at the end of the live!

We had to wait around for a little bit after the live ended because not only did we get a CD with the recording of "RAZE", but the band personally gave the CD to everyone! The girls lined up behind a table near the door and shook everyone's hands on our way out. It was April's first time getting to meet the band! She was in front of me in line, so I got to watch her talk with Jyou. We were close to the front of the line and the pace for the handshaking hadn't really been set yet. Jyou commented on the necklace April was wearing, which was from the previous week's Sixh show. I could see Asako (the band's manager) behind April trying to coax Jyou to get the line moving along lol.

There wasn't much time to talk with the girls this time because they had to keep the line moving at a pretty quick pace. It was still great to meet them again though! I could tell that they recognize me from all the lives I've been to. First in line was Jyou, then Naoto, Omi, Mally and Miko. I didn't have much time to do anything other then thank them and tell them that the live was fun. I feel like the experience kind of went by in a blur, but I didn't lose my cool around Omi this time. I remember Mally enthusiastically taking my hand in both of hers as she shook it. Since Miko was at the end of the line, she was the one who gave everyone the CD. She told me to please come to another live as she gave me the CD. :)

It was definitely a good night! April and I left the live house giggling and breezed by all the hosts waiting around outside. One of them tried to hand April his card, but he fumbled and dropped it. Very smooth, sir. Another host tried to get our attention too, so he said "good morning" in English, before realizing his mistake and saying "good night" instead. It was an amusing end to the evening. XD
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I've got quite a bit to catch up on again, but I'll start with going to the exist+trace x Sixh fashion show/live. It was on 5/3, a good way to start the second half of Golden Week. It was at Ikebukuro Black Hole, so April and I met up in the afternoon and then went to the live.

The first thing we did after getting inside was get in line for goods. Of course, Sixh was selling special items for the live. The shirts were cute, but I didn't get any because I already have so many black shirts. Instead, April and I ended up buying happy packs which contained a few different shirts, a pretty scarf, and a necklace. We also got cheki of exist+trace for buying a happy pack (mine was a pic of Miko and Jyou).

After buying our things, April and I found Aki and went up to the front of the stage. We ended up close to the front on Omi's side (as per usual). The stage was slightly different this time because a walkway area was roped off in front of the center. We had a really nice view of both the stage and the runway, since the venue was small.

The show started with an Ibi voice over and some images from the Galaxy Emperor comic. Then the first runway walk began. The models were all of the members of exist+trace, Ibi, and that one cute boyish staff girl from h.NAOTO's Harajuku store. Everyone was looking really good! Mally's cute boyish walk was especially adorable and I loved Omi's look. Miko and Ibi surprised everyone by switching roles! Miko walked on stage wearing boyish clothes and make-up. Her usual look suits her quite well, but I've got to say that I really enjoyed boyish Miko. Next, Ibi came onstage in one of the Sixh dresses that Miko usually models and a long curly brown wig. He looked really good too! He's got some nice legs. XD After Ibi walked the stage, he went to the mic to sing while Naoto and Mally played. Then the rest of the runway show continued.

After they finished walking, exist+trace came on stage and did the first half of their performance. The first half was made up of some older songs, which made me happy! They even played "Ambivalence", which I feel like I haven't heard in forever. The girls performed about five songs, then it was time to continue with the show.

Ibi came on stage in his usual clothes and performed one song. He tries, bless him, but the boy just isn't meant to be a singer. He tried to get the audience pumped, but I feel like the only people who were excited were his fangirls. I really wanted to be excited, but his performance was only okay. Ibi, hon, you seem like a sweetie. Just stick to things you're good at, like designing awesome clothes.

Next was part two of the fashion show. Miko and Ibi, both in their usual outfits, performed a slow song together while the rest of the models walked the stage. As Omi walked, I swear she purposely brushed Miko's waist as she walked past her. X3

Then, it was time for part two of the band's performance! The girls came on stage and performed five more songs, including some new stuff, like "RAZE". At one point Jyou accidentally bumped the mic stand and the mic slid down. She made the most adorable surprised face. At the end of their set, Ibi came on stage with the band to sing one of the Sixh Opera songs together. The show ended with an encore, where Ibi performed "Signal" with the band.

After the live was over, April and I hopped over to the other side of Ikebukuro to have a late dinner at 80+1. All in all, it was definitely a fun night! I loved getting to see exist+trace model Ibi's clothes and I got some cool new clothes, too. :)
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One more live report to write! On Sunday night, April and I went to see exist+trace again. The live was at Shibuya Milkyway. This was another multi-artist show, and exist+trace was one of five bands that played that night. This report will be a shorter one, since the setlist was smaller.

April and I were unsure what order the bands were playing in, so we impatiently waited around and tried to guess if our girls would be next on stage. Before the show and between sets, the venue was playing the live action Dragonball movie (which up until this point, I had forgot even existed) on a screen in front of the stage. April and I tried to amuse ourselves by talking about how bad the movie was as we waited. It was a small live, so we were quite close to the front of the stage again. We moved up to the second row by the time exist+trace took the stage.

There were three bands that played before exist +trace. All of them were male bands with female vocalists. Unfortunately, none of them were particularly interesting. They weren't bad, they were just lacking a certain something (and I'm not just saying that because I was impatient for exist+trace to hit the stage). That made waiting around less enjoyable than it could have been. It was all worth it when the girls finally took the stage though!

They played a six song set this time. A new intro played, and the girls took the stage. They started off with "Diamond" (the supposed title of one of their new songs). I noticed right away that though her hair is still black, Omi has gone back to her usual spiky hairstyle! This made me happy because I feel like it suits her the best.

"Honey" was the second song of the set. I adore this song every time and I always sing and dance along. This time I had a moment with Jyou! I was standing right in front of her and she must have seen me singing along because all the sudden she made eye contact with me and sang part of the second verse to me! *fans self* That was definitely the highlight of the night.

Jyou and Miko did MCs about the upcoming lives and then the band played two more of the brand new songs. Still not sure about their official names. I feel like the fans are still trying to decide on the best furi for the new songs because it seems to change up a little each time.

The last two songs were "RAZE" and "Signal". I was a bit surprised that most of the set was made-up of the brand new songs, but I feel like playing all high energy songs it was a good choice for this live.

I don't have a lot else to say about this show, other than it was awesome as usual. It can be fun to go to these smaller shows because it's a good opportunity to get close to the stage, but it always makes me wish the setlist was longer!

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Going to write a quick entry about tonight's exist+trace show! I want to pound this out before I go to the Mejibray live tomorrow!

To the new world... )

I feel like I didn't write about nearly as much this time, but it kind of hard to write about new songs when you don't know their names and you've only heard them once. I really do hope they announce a release date for new mini album soon! I'd love to have the chance to hear the songs again. Until next time though!

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I'm finally feeling normal again, which worked out well since I went to exist+trace's concert on Sunday night! This was the final live of their "Be My Virgin" tour and it was held at Shibuya WWW.

Honey, I'm waiting for you~ )
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Today was fun! I went to a Sixh. event at the Ikebukuro Parco. Since Miko (from exist+trace) has been doing modeling for Sixh., she made an in-store appearance with IBI (Sixh's designer)!

I figured it would be a good day to wear my Sixh. dress (that I bought the last time I was at the Harajuku Closet Child), so after getting ready I headed out to meet Leslie in Ikebukuro. We had pasta for lunch, then headed over to the Parco.

If you made a purchase of more than 5,000 yen, you got to get your picture taken with Miko and IBI. Reguardless of the event, I love buying clothes from Sixh., so this was a good opportunity for me. I ended up getting a long purple dress/shirt with fun pink designs on it. Then, I waited in line for my turn to meet Miko and IBI. At first I was fine, but then I started getting a bit nervous and Leslie told me that my hand was shaking. Oops. I'm not quite sure why I got that nervous because I've met Miko twice before and I've seen IBI a few times, even though I hadn't actually talked with him. I'm going to blame it on meeting pretty people and being nervous about conversing with them in Japanese.

When it was my turn, I went up and greeted Miko and IBI. IBI noticed right away that I was wearing one of his designs and he thanked me for liking his clothes. We posed and took the picture, then I got a minute to talk to them while the polaroid developed and they signed it. I remember telling them that I was a little nervous and we laughed about it. I told Miko that I love exist+trace and often go to their concerts. She asked if I was coming to the November concert and seemed pleased when I told her that I was. I don't think she remembered that we've met before (even though she remembered at the exist+trace signing that she'd seen me before) because of my new haircut. I'm not really surprised though because I have Japanese friends who almost didn't recognize me with my hair this short. Miko then asked where I was from and I told her and mentioned that I was currently living in Japan. IBI told me my Japanese was good, but I did the polite thing and denied it while thanking him. He then told me "Japanese only" in English, meaning that he only speaks Japanese lol. After they finished signing the photo, they thanked me for coming and it was time for me to go. It was a fun experience!

Photographic evidence~ )

After that, Leslie and I met up with Kaille and [livejournal.com profile] waxrose, one of her friends from LJ who'd recently moved to Japan. It was fun to meet someone new and I think we all had a good time chatting! We had desserts at Saizeriya, looked at doujinshi, and aimlessly browsed Sunshine City. It was a nice way to end the day.

I'm relaxing now with the window open. It rained tonight for the first time in weeks, which means it's actually cool enough for it to be comfortable without the A/C on. I'm sure it won't last because there should be about another month of summer heat, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can.
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It's time for yet another exist+trace live report! This Sunday was Vanguard Night Vol.2 for fan club members~

イグ祭り )

This live was a lot of fun! I could tell that the band had played a lot of harder sounding songs this time because I was more sore after this concert than the last one. It's definitely good to let loose once in a while! I'll be looking forward to the next exist+trace live as usual. (I believe tickets for it go on sale this weekend.) I want to follow these girls all the way to Budokan. <3 I hope that they can make their dream of playing there come true some day!
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On Saturday night I went to yet another exist+trace concert! This show was in Shibuya at O-West and it was called "Just Like a Virgin".

Just Like a Virgin )

All and all, it was a rather great night! The next day was fun too because Kaille and I went to Ueno Zoo together and spent hours gushing over cute animals. We even bought penguin couple phone charms for our phones! We ended our day with delicious bagels at a new bagel cafe we found in Ikebukuro, while we had an extended gripe session about Glee. A very good end to an awesome weekend~

Tonight, I sent in my ticket request for exist+trace's next Vanguard live in August, so hopefully I'll be able to go again!
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Things have been pretty low key recently, at work and otherwise, so there hasn't been a ton to write about. I've been out for food a few different times with Kaille and my friends after work or on the weekends. I always try to hang out with my friends on the weekends, but more and more often we try to meet for dinner at least once during the work week. It makes the week go by a little faster.

The rainy season arrived last week. Even since then, it's been (surprise) pretty rainy. It seems like it rains at some point during almost every day of the week. The rain has made some of the days a little cooler, but it's also made everything much more humid. Blah. Mow, we've gotten even more rain than usual today because a typhoon is passing by. It's pretty rainy and windy outside right now.

I had a dream last night that I was playing Monopoly with Aoi and Kai (from the GazettE) last night. I think it was part of a larger dream where I was hanging out with Aoi and Kai, but the Monopoly is really the only part I remember. Just a silly little dream that made me smile when I woke up. It also made me wonder what playing Monopoly with them would actually be like. I bet that Aoi would manage to be ridiculous and super serious about playing Monopoly at the same time. XD

I'm looking forward to Saturday which is the next exist+trace live.  I'm excited to hear them play more songs from their new album! I've been itching to go to another concert recently, so this is just what I need. :D
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Now it's time for an entry about yesterday, which was awesome! I met up with Kaille in the afternoon and we did karaoke. I sang the obligatory GazettE, Big Bang, Gaga, etc. Much to my surprise there were also a couple of exist+trace songs available to sing, so I tried my hand at singing "TRUE", even though I can't match Jyou's vocals. After that, we ate conbini food for dinner at the park in Ikebukuro, while Kaille fed the stray cats her chicken nuggets.

exist+trace event~ )

It was a fun event and it was great to meet the girls again! Definitely looking forward to the concert next month!
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I met up with Kaille after work yesterday and while I was out I picked up a copy of VIRGIN, exist+trace's new CD. I love it! It's nice to have another full length album by the band. It's got some of my favorite songs from the previous two mini albums (like "Daybreak" and "TRUE") and some great new songs. My favorite new song is "HONEY". I first heard it months ago at one of the exist+trace concerts. I loved it then and lamented the fact that it wasn't officially released yet. And now I finally have it to listen to whenever I want and it is glorious~

I got the limited edition of the CD that comes with a DVD of PVs and performance footage from exist+trace's show at Daikanyama UNIT. I was at that show last year. I sat down to watch the DVD while I was relaxing tonight. Much to my amusement, there's totally a brief side shot of me jumping around during "オルレアンの少女". LOL.

I also get to meet the band again this weekend! \o/ I bought my CD at Brand X and they gave me a free ticket to the signing and handshake event on Sunday! This will be my second time meeting the band, so I'm excited and nervous. I think I'll probably be more nervous this time because I have time to think about it. I didn't have much time to do anything more than have a brief excited freak out last time because the band sprung the handshaking event on us at the end of the fan club show. I'm definitely looking forward to the event though! We'll see if I can keep my cool when I talk to Omi this time. XD
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Last night I went to exist+trace's first Vanguard fan club live! It was at Mosaic in Shimokitazawa. Up until the day before the show, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go because I reserved my ticket, but didn't get a confirmation e-mail. My friend Tomonori and I both contacted the fan club about it and they responded the day before the concert. They had tried to send me the confirmation, but it kept getting bounced back. I'm so glad that everything got straightened out and I was able to go! The show was really fantastic~

The best Valentine's present~ )
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This was a really fun weekend! I met up with [livejournal.com profile] meepalicious after work on Friday because it was her birthday. We decided to do dinner in Ikebukuro. It was raining by the time we arrived at the station and both of us had forgotten our umbrellas, so we picked up a cheap one at the 3 Coin Store. First we went and took cute birthday purikura. Then, we made our usual stop to check for new clothes at Closet Child. By the time we left Closet Child, the rain had turned into snow. Then we went to our favorite 80+1 for food and cross-dressing ladies. It was around 8 PM by the time we got to the cafe. Much to our surprise, there were two male customers at the cafe and one of them was dressed like a butler. It was the first time I'd ever seen actual guys in a dansou cafe. We were at the cafe a bit later than usual, so it wasn't too crowded. I ordered a delicious choco waffle for dinner. Leslie and I were pleasantly surprised when when of the waiters came over to talk with us for a while. (The waiters at the cafe are always really nice, but some of them tend to talk to us more than others. I think it's because they're not always sure how much Japanese we understand. We also tend to be kind of shy around them when they come to our table.)  Her name was Kazuki and she was super nice and cute, telling us not to be embarrassed when we told her we were shy about speaking Japanese. Then we talked about anime for a bit. When she found out that I like Tiger and Bunny we had a conversation about who we ship. She asked if we liked Kotetsu or Barnaby on top. xD Leslie and I also each got a picture taken with her and we commented how my shirt matched her tie. She wrote a cute message at the bottom of the picture about how she was surprised to learn that we also liked anime and that she wants to learn English, so let's study together. :3

Picture~ )

On Saturday, Leslie and I spent half the day at Oedo Onsen Monogatari, Edo themed hot springs located in Odaiba. It was so nice and relaxing. When you enter the building you get to choose a yukata to wear for your stay. Leslie and I chose matching pink ones. When then spent the rest of the day alternating between going in the onsen and getting food. First, we went in the onsen for a bit, but then we were hot and thirsty, so we got out to get ice cream and something to drink. Then, we went back in the onsen. There were both indoor and outdoor onsen. It's cold as fuck when you first go outside to get in the outdoor onsen (because you're naked), but it's so nice and warm after you get in the water. This cool winter weather is perfect for spending time in the onsen. We went in the foot baths. You're clothed in these baths and you just dip your feet in the warm water. The signs near the foot baths also suggested walking along the rock path inside the baths. The rocks were pretty uncomfortable to walk on though, so I'm not sure how that's supposed to be relaxing. When it got closer to dinner time, we got out of the onsen again and ate some yummy sushi. We had though about staying overnight at the onsen, but that was an extra charge, so we decided not to do it. We left after we went back in the onsen one more time.

Oedo Onsen )

Then, today was fantastic! I went to exist+trace's first Vanguard fan club live in Shimokitazawa. I'm planning on writing my usual live report, but the important details are that I was front and center at the stage. Jyou was literally feet away from me. After the show, everyone got to meet the band members and Mally gave everyone cookies that she made! I was so excited meet the girls! And Omi told me I was cute. ^///^ I'll definitely write more about it soon~
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Last night's exist trace concert was great! It was definitely worth going to another one of their shows!

Daybreak )

Now to save up my strength for the GazettE concert this weekend! I need to be in top shape, so I can really rock out at their show.
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I had an ALT skill development conference that I had to attend on Tuesday and Wednesday for JET. Japanese teachers were invited to attend during the first day of the conference, so Akiko-sensei came with me. I went to the post-conference nomikai (drinking party) for a little while on Tuesday night. I didn't stay out too late though because I knew I'd be out late at the exist trace concert the next night. The conference couldn't be over soon enough for me on Wednesday. I took off right away, as soon as it ended, so that I could get to the concert. I was so excited to see exist trace again!

Concert Report~ )
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I had an ALT skill development conference that I had to attend on Tuesday and Wednesday for JET. Japanese teachers were invited to attend during the first day of the conference, so Akiko-sensei came with me. I went to the post-conference nomikai (drinking party) for a little while on Tuesday night. I didn't stay out too late though because I knew I'd be out late at the exist trace concert the next night. The conference couldn't be over soon enough for me on Wednesday. I took off right away, as soon as it ended, so that I could get to the concert. I was so excited to see exist trace again!

Concert Report~ )


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