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On Saturday, Kaille and I went to G-Dragon's concert at the Seibu Dome! Despite the crummy weather, it was such a fun show to see!

Get your crayon! )

I'm glad that I got to see GD's solo show. (These days, he gives T.O.P a run for his money as my favorite Big Bang member.) Even though it was cold, the concert was definitely worth it. And after all this time, I was finally able to get my cray~on!
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Saturday was great! I went to Big Bang's ALIVE concert at Yokohama Arena! Since I was already going to be in Yokohama, Leslie and I decided to spend the day hanging out there. We grabbed lunch in Yokohama Chinatown and then walked around by the bay. It was nice, but a little hot and sticky. (No, Japan! I'm not ready for your summer weather!) After that it was time for us to part ways so I could head to the concert.

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The show itself didn't get out that late, but it was a bit late by the time I got home because in my post-Big Bang haze I made some stupid train decisions, like accidentally taking a local instead of a limited express. It was all totally worth it though! The show was so much fun! I love those boys and I'm looking forward to their next concert. They're going to be doing their first Tokyo Dome show in December, so Greta and I might try to get tickets. \o/
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I've been super fangirly over Big Bang's recent comeback. Their new mini-album "ALIVE" was released last week and I've been listening to it a lot. My favorite songs on the album happen to be the ones that they've released videos for so far. "Blue" is such a lovely sounding song. I think it was perfect for their first comeback song. I love the chill hip-hop sound in "Bad Boy", too. My absolute favorite song on the album is "Fantastic Baby" though. It's so fun and always makes me want to get up and dance! I fangirled hardcore when they released the video for "Fantastic Baby" last night. Jiyong, you and your hair extensions need to stop wreaking my bias list. It is (for lack of another word) fantastic. I'm very much enjoying having Big Bang back again. They're releasing the Japanese version of "ALIVE" at the end of this month and I'm definitely planning on picking up a copy~

The fangirling over Big Bang is also a decent distraction from the fact that I can't go to GazettE's 10th anniversary concert this weekend (because I have work). ;_; I may not be able to go to the concert, but expect a post about my GazettE feels later this week.
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On Sunday night, I went to the YG Family 15th Anniversary Concert, my first K-pop concert. It was like one big 4 hour long party! It was lots of fun! Since the concert was long, this will probably be a pretty long entry. (I'm also looking a a concert setlist as I write this, so I can make sure that I remember the important stuff in order.)

Naega jeil jal naga )

The show was really long, but definitely entertaining. Everything was so seamless that it really didn't seem like it took four hours. YG definitely planned well and kept the show interesting. I'd definitely consider seeing another YG show. Hopefully, I can try and go to a Big Bang show next time they tour Japan! :D


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