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I have time and lots to write about, so I'm making another update. Next up is my trip to Seoul with April! We were there from August 9th-12th.

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April and I both agreed that the trip was quite fun. We had a great time going together, on our first trip as a couple. If I get the chance, someday I think it'd be fun to go back and explore Seoul even further.
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Finally on the way to California tomorrow. I literally can't wait to get out of here. This past week has been so emotionally exhausting and I can't wait to leave it behind. This doesn't really feel like home anymore. The rest of the week with DJ should be much better and much more fun.

I'm also feeling pretty down because it's exactly one month until April moves back to America. It seems like there's never going to be enough time. I know how much I've missed her this past week and I hate thinking about us being apart for so much longer. I feel like I'm wasting valuable time that we could be spending together, while I'm here in America.
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Here's another entry to catch up with stuff that happened earlier this month. I'm going to write about Tanabata, which was lovely. :3

I had stayed over at April's apartment the night before. Leslie and Anna came over and joined us in the morning, and we all helped each other put on our yukatas for the Tanabata matsuri in Kappabashi. Yukatas are pretty, but they can be a lot of effort to wear properly.

We took some pics and did purikura and then headed over to the festival.

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We didn't stay at the matsuri for a really long time because the heat was gross, and April and I also had plans for the evening. We left the matsuri and headed over to the Shinjuku Tower Records for exist+trace's in-store event! We decided to head straight there in our yukata.

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Tanabata was really great this year. It's a holiday for wishes and star-crossed lovers, and things just seemed especially fitting for April and I this year. The festival and the in-store were a lot of fun, but what made it the best was that I got to spend it with my darling. <3
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Had another wonderful weekend with April. We went to another exist+trace live (which I'll write about later) and then we spent the next night out on the town in Ni-chome. We went to GF, one of the monthly lesbian events, and spent the night drinking and dancing. It was a great time, but we were so tired after being out all night. There was also a matsuri happening literally right outside April's apartment all weekend, so we would periodically pop down to get food from the booths, or check out the mikoshi. Definitely one of the cool parts about living in Japan (except for the fact that it was super noisy outside when we were trying to sleep in after our night out).

Tonight, I Skyped with my Aunt Judy. She wanted to make sure that I was okay after everything with my parents and she wanted me to know that she still loves and supports me. That was good to hear. She wants to meet April. Aunt Judy also told me that she's sure my grandma would have supported me, too. She said that even though Grandma didn't share her opinions too much, that she was actually surprisingly liberal. That really made me feel good, too. Even though things are still hard with my parents, talking to other supportive family members helps me feel better.


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