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Been meaning to finish this entry for a couple days now. Last Sunday I went to Black Gene for the Next Scene's signing at Brand X! I actually kind of unintentionally got the ticket because I picked up a copy of their new album a couple days after the release and was surprised to find that there were still event tickets left. Since there were tickets left, of course I took the opportunity to go.

The event got started a little late, so I waited around with all the other fans outside Brand X. I guess it's a sign of how the v-kei scene is changing these days, but I was surprised to find that almost no one was dressed in punk/goth style. A bunch of the girls were dressed in gyaru style instead. (Really not a fan of the bangyaru trend, but that's a bit besides the point.)

They somehow managed to fit 60 of us fans inside Brand X for the event. (Still not really sure how they managed to do that.) The event was a talk and then an autograph signing. During the talk, the members asked each other questions and then answered them.

Notable things:
- Sala is a member of the exclusive club of J-rockers who I actually think look better without make-up. He looks fine with it on, but I think he's more of a cutie without it.
- Rame looks like a normal Japanese guy without all his girly make-up and dresses.
- Toki seems like such an airhead, but he seems sweet.
- Ice was quieter than I was expecting based on his stage persona.
- Toki's questions to the other band members were adorbs. They were all things like, "Can we have a barbecue party together next summer?" and "What should we eat for dinner?" and "Can we go to the amusement park together?". Rame then suggested that they hurry and form a fan club, so that the fan club could come with them to the amusement park.
-  Ice asked Sala some kind of question about whether he liked ponytails. This led to a big discussion about whether it meant Sala liked wearing ponytails, or if he liked girls with ponytails lol.
- Sala asked Rame to go drinking with him. Apparently Rame doesn't really drink and when he does drink he only likes drinks like cassis orange, which all of the fans thought was adorable.
- Ice didn't look at dirty magazines as a kid.

After the talk, all of the fans were ushered outside so that they could prepare for the signing. I'd decided to have the band sign the CD. I was a bit nervous for the signing, but since I'm a more recent fan of BFN, I wasn't as nervous to meet them as I haven been for some other bands.

Toki was first in line. I handed over the CD pamphlet and he asked if it was okay to sign large on the cover. Before I really thought about it, I said it was okay, which led to Toki signing the whole front of the cover. He's such a cute derpface. He always draws this cute cat as part of his signature and as he was drawing it he told me that he was going to make it a girl, and drew eyelashes on it. I felt a bit special because I didn't see any other fans with eyelashes on their signatures lol.

Sala was next. He gained a lot of points because he actually started a real conversation with me, by asking if I'd listened to the new album yet and what I thought of it. I told him that I really enjoyed it, and also that I'd seen Black Gene live for the first time recently and had a lot of fun. He seemed happy to hear that and asked me to please come again. He seems really nice.

Ice was the next one in line. I had a confidence boost from talking with Sala, and I was going to try and talk more with Ice, but I ended up being quiet. I think he would've been chattier if I had been the one to try and start the conversation. His signature looks like an ice cream cone. XD

Rame was the last one. He was addressing his autographs to fans, so when it was your turn, he'd ask for your name. I told him my name and he asked me to repeat if to be sure that he had it right. He wrote my name in katakana and then signed his cutesy autograph.

One the way out, I bought a Black Gene cheki. I only got one because for some reason their cheki are twice as expensive as most other bands. I ended up with one of Rame in his casual clothes.

It was a fun event and a good distraction from other things. I was glad that went! I do hope that I'll get the chance to see Black Gene again. I'd definitely like to go to one of their oneman shows on their next tour.


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