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Here's another entry to catch up with stuff that happened earlier this month. I'm going to write about Tanabata, which was lovely. :3

I had stayed over at April's apartment the night before. Leslie and Anna came over and joined us in the morning, and we all helped each other put on our yukatas for the Tanabata matsuri in Kappabashi. Yukatas are pretty, but they can be a lot of effort to wear properly.

We took some pics and did purikura and then headed over to the festival.


By complete coincidence, April and I discovered that we had matching fans. :3

Anna and Leslie

Purikura 75

Purikura 76

At the matsuri, we wandered around a bit, taking pictures and eating kakigori. We were also able to write our Tanabata wishes and hang them up. Of course, mine was a schmoopy wish for April and I. <3

A view of the Sky Tree at the matsuri.



We didn't stay at the matsuri for a really long time because the heat was gross, and April and I also had plans for the evening. We left the matsuri and headed over to the Shinjuku Tower Records for exist+trace's in-store event! We decided to head straight there in our yukata.

The event was a CD release event for "Diamond". When April and I arrived, we ran into Tomonori and we waited together for the event to begin. The event was a mini talk and then cheki session and high fives with the members! We had a good view on the side, near the front of the small stage. I could see when the band came out and noticed April and I in our yukata (because by this point they recognize us). :3

First was the talk. The girls told us a bit about their impressions of the album and their favorite song from it. Since it was Tanabata, each member also told us what they wanted to wish for. The band decided to pick on Omi and make her go first, even though she clearly wanted more time to think it over. XD After a bit of thinking, she decided that she wanted to get a cat. Miko's wish was that she wanted Omi to be more open with her because Omi had been cold towards her recently. XD Naoto wished to travel abroad to places like London. Jyou wished to go to Disneyland with the members, and Mally wished to become an even better drummer. Aww, they all had such cute wishes!

Then, it was time for the cheki! They brought a large foam die onstage. The idea was that, when it was their turn for a picture, fans would roll the dice. Depending on what number the dice landed on, the number of band members in the picture would vary. The band members in the picture would also be chosen at random, names drawn from a box. It was a fun idea! However, only a handful of fans were able to get their pictures taken before the cheki camera broke. ^_^; The funniest thing about it was that the camera broke doing a double Naoto shot! One of Igu's saizen styles herself to look just like Naoto and she and Naoto got to have their picture taken together. As soon as it happened, the camera immediately started malfunctioning and the members started joking that Naoto's curse had broken the camera. XD

The girls stalled for time on stage, while the staff ran out to buy a new camera. They chatted about the album and their recent live and eventually started taking questions from the audience. It was at this point when I noticed that Jyou's current shoes are almost exactly the same as my black wedge boots! It was also cute to watch the members interacting with each other on stage. When they weren't answering questions, there were moments when you could see Omi and Naoto (the silent ones) quietly talking with each other. At one point Omi picked up some of Naoto's braids and was examining them. It was pretty cute to watch, along with Omi and Miko teasing Omi, and Mally and Jyou being cuties.

After a bit, the staff ran in with a new camera and the photo session resumed. Since rolling the dice took so long though and we'd already wasted time waiting for the new camera, the staff decided to change the rules. Fans could chose which members of the band they wanted their pictures taken with, or even get their picture taken with all of the band members! It was a really tough decision, but April and I ended up each deciding to get our pics taken with our favorite members (because there are usually more chances for group pics with the band).

When it was my turn, I carefully made my way up the steps to the stage, so as not to trip on my yukata. The band was like "大丈夫?気をつけて!". They complimented my yukata and then asked me who I wanted my picture taken with. I told them Omi, which was actually ちょう恥ずかしい (even though I'm pretty sure Omi already knew that she's my favorite member, since I stand on her side of the stage all the time). When we got in our position for the picture, there was a moment when we both headed for the same spot and then smiled and switched ourselves around. For a second, I got the impression that she wasn't quite sure which pose she was going to do, and was maybe going to put her hand on my back, but she didn't go for it lol. I ended up with a cute pic of us throwing the horns together. :3 Then, I thanked her and the rest of the band and carefully made my way back down the steps.

April was next after me, and she got a cute picture with Jyou. Tomonori ended up getting his with the whole band because he couldn't chose. Here's mine and April's shots:


After that, we waited a little longer for the photos to finish. It was fun watching the other fans get their pics and cute to see the poses and combinations they came up with. My favorites were the girls who asked Omi and Mally to do the "Little Mary" dance pose with them. Then it was time to high five the girls on our way out! The girls all stood in a line and we were supposed to run by and give them double high fives. It was silly and fun and each member gave me a big smile and "thank you" as we high fived. It was a great end to an awesome day!

Tanabata was really great this year. It's a holiday for wishes and star-crossed lovers, and things just seemed especially fitting for April and I this year. The festival and the in-store were a lot of fun, but what made it the best was that I got to spend it with my darling. <3
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