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Another late entry, so I can catch up with everything. On June 14th, exist+trace hosted another 'Crazy Fighters' live at Shinjuku Loft. Of course, April and I had to go check it out, and this time Aki joined us!

April and I weren't sure if we'd be arriving exactly when the live started (since there'd be three bands playing before exist+trace), but we ended up arriving about a minute before the first band took the stage. It was a good thing that we did because exist+trace surprised us by opening the show as their cover band, Muse! April and I totally weren't expecting it at all, so we were super excited. The girls were all dressed in simple black outfits and Naoto and Mally had their hair pulled back cutely. They then launched into Queen's "We Will Rock You"! After the initial surprise, I realized that Jyou's English was actually pretty decent, so I was proud of her. The girls then played a rock version of "Bad Romance" and I almost died of squee! It was so awesome. They kept the amazingness coming by playing "20th Century Boy" and finishing with hide's "Pink Spider! I was so pleased with all of their song choices. :3

Not going to recount the rest of the bands at the live because they weren't particularly special or notable. They weren't bad, but weren't great either.

At the end of the night, it was finally time for exist+trace to take the stage. They played a mix of slightly older and new songs this time around. The girls played "Resonance" for the first time in a long time and I almost lost it. I nearly knocked myself over headbanging in excitement. ^_^; Lol.

The band also announced something special that they were doing for this live, which was the MVP contest. It was our job as the audience to vote for the MVP after the live, to choose the member who had the most energy that night. Jyou announced it on stage and then tried to intimidate Omi, saying that she definitely wouldn't lose and staring her down. Omi tried, but she couldn't keep a straight face and ended up laughing. She tried to pull it together, but couldn't stay serious and ended up giving Jyou a chop to the head. I love it when Jyou pokes at Omi, haha!

"Signal" was a lot of fun too because the Signal whistles were finally back in stock at the goods table! I hadn't remembered to buy one the previous time they were on sale, so April and I both bought them. It was my first time actually having one of the whistles while the girls played "Signal", so that was fun. It was the last song of the night

After the live was over, we got MVP voting forms from Asako. I voted for Jyou because she had so much awesome energy on stage. When we turned in the voting forms, we got stickers that had been signed by the band members.

Aki had to leave early, but April and I then headed over to the goods table because Mally and Miko were helping sell goods! I probably wouldn't have bought anything else, but I really wanted to talk with the girls, so I ended up buying a postcard set (which I'm planning to use to send April postcards later). Mally and Miko were super nice, as always. They thanked us for coming to the live and  we told them how fun it was. They also liked April's whistle, which she had attached to the choker that she was wearing.

April and I then noticed that Jyou was out of the floor handing out flyers. We went up to her and had a really nice little conversation! She thanked us for coming to the live and then said (in Japanese, of course), "You live in Japan, right? I often see you at the lives." It made me really happy that she noticed (of course, it'd be kind of hard not to notice us almost always up near the front of the crowd, but still). I told her that I love the band, so I enjoy getting to go to their lives. At this point, one of the other bands came up to greet Jyou and tell her they were leaving, and she got this adorably conflicted look on her face. You could tell that she wanted to talk to them, but she didn't want to turn away from us, so she briefly talked with them and then continued her conversation with us. She's such a sweetie. We told her that were looking forward to "Diamond" and that we were definitely going to buy it. She also noticed April's whistle and mentioned that she liked it. After that, we didn't want to keep her for too long (because I swear Jyou would just keep talking), so we said our goodbyes. She told us to come again and to be careful going home. Aww.

It was a good end to a fun live! Going to these event lives definitely pays off. :)
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