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Another late entry because I've been lazy about typing this stuff up recently. Here's the last of the concerts that I've been to recently.

On May 19th, April and I went to exist+trace's Vanguard live in Shimokitazawa. This Vanguard live was produced by Miko and the theme was 'Dress Code: Red', which is exactly what it sounds like. April and I had fun putting together our red outfits for the show before heading out.

Purikura 65
Here's the purikura of our outfits.

We got to Shimo early and poked around town a bit, since April's family used to live there when she was a child. First, we headed to the venue to pick up our tickets and Vanguard shirts. They had Vanguard fan club shirts and special shirts and scrunchies made by Miko for this live. I picked up a Vanguard shirt and April bought one of Miko's shirts. Then we had some time to kill before the live, so the two of us shared a delicious crepe at this cutesy crepe stand April used to go to with her family.

We went back to wait in front of the live house and ended up chatting with another foreign fan from the Netherlands. Tomonori and Aki arrived, too. We all had different random ticket numbers. Mine was 32 and April was 60-something. Aki was even further back, but Tomonori was lucky and got number 2! Once we got inside, I went up to the front of the stage, near Omi's side. I was lucky enough to get second row this time and April joined me once she got inside! Aki and Tomonori were a little further back in the crowd (to stay out of the way of the really enthusiastic fans in front).

Before long it was time for the show to begin. The girls came out on stage as the intro played and they all looked super cute in their red outfits! Well, really they were mostly black outfits, with red accessories. Omi had on a black jacket and pants, with a red shirt and a black Sixh tie (that Miko gave her). She was looking really hot. Mally had a red bandanna around her neck to accessorize her black outfit. Jyou wore a super cute marching band-esque jacket that was black with red trim, and black shorts with red tights. Naoto had a long red scarf and a red cross necklace accessorizing her black outfit. She'd also added some red extensions in with her purple braids. Miko wore a black and red dress and one of her scrunchies.

The girls kicked off the live with "Diamond", which makes sense, since it's going to be their next single. They played a lot of fiery and passionate high energy songs at this live, to fit in with the theme. I don't remember the whole set list, but I know they played "Signal", "Judea", "オルレアンの少女", "Blaze", "unforgive you", "本能", "契約", "Venom", "The Colors" and (of course) they ended with "Vanguard".

I had lots of eye contact with Omi throughout the night, since I was so close to the stage! We also exchanged a couple smiles, too. *insert starry eyes here* She was close enough that I could've reached out and touched her when she came to the edge of the stage.

I was so happy to hear the girls play "Judea" again because it's one of my favorites and they haven't played it at all since they've started performing the new songs! It's the best for headbanging.

"契約" was especially notable this time, for the way that Jyou kissed and caressed the microphone before cradling the stand to her body at the end of the song. It was really sexy.

During "The Colors", Jyou brought a large red flag around on stage and waved in around while she sang. The venue was almost too small for that though and there were a couple times when I thought she was going to accidentally take out Omi with the flag lol.

Jyou was very playful with Omi during the show. Omi is usually her favorite poking victim on stage, but Jyou hasn't been bothering her as much since they started using the new stage formation. It made me happy because I love it when the girls play around with each other on stage!

After the girls played "Vanguard" (our song!), they left the stage. We quickly called them back for the encore though! They came back out and Miko did an MC about the band's current style. She was said that it's hard to label them because they're not just a rock band, not just a visual band, and not just an all girl band. When she said this last bit, Jyou looked over at Omi and was like, "We are?". Then, Omi pretended to hang her head and be sad in the corner, haha. Then Miko continued on and said that the band want to create イグ系, their own style. I think that's quite fitting for them.

Then, it was time for the band to play the encore songs. They started with a cover of Buck-Tick's "
極東より愛を込めて"! It was so cool to hear them play a Buck-Tick song! (And pretty fitting, since I met Aki and Tomonori and exist+trace's shows and they're the ones that got me into Buck-Tick.) After that they played "RAZE".

Miko then did one more MC (since she was the one who produced the live). She gave a really sweet talk about not letting the fire in your heart burn out and she started getting teary-eyed while she was talking. It was so sweet and we started getting emotional in the audience, too. The girls then played "終わりのない世界" for the last song. We all waved our hands and sang along in the audience.

At the end of the song, the band had us all hold each others hands so we could do our usual jump. I when I grabbed April's hand, I looked at her and squeezed it, and I swear that I saw Omi smile at the two of us out of the corner of my eye (which would just add to the list of reasons why I think Omi is a lesbian). The girls all grabbed onto each other's hands too and before Omi grabbed her hand, Mally made a big show of wiping her sweat all over her hand. Omi then hesitated to take her hand and Mally wiped more sweat on it while we cracked up in the audience. Eventually, Omi and Mally very firmly grabbed each other's hands lol. One the count of three we all jumped together and then the live was over.

April and I made our way upstairs to the cheki line fairly quickly. There was a three cheki limit per person, so we both bought three of them. I ended up with two of Miko (I always get cheki of her) and one of Naoto. April traded her Omi cheki for one of my Miko cheki though because she is the best girlfriend. After that we waited around with Tomonori and Aki for a bit and chatted with some other fans. We ran into the guy from the Netherlands again and also ended up talking with a girl from the Philippines. All of us took a picture together and talked about how awesome the イグ family is (that's what the band calls their fans).

Aki and Tomonori left with April and I. We were all a bit hungry, so we ended up eating at this nice Mexican place called Avocado. It was a good end to the night!

Can't wait until the next Vanguard live! Naoto and Omi are the only ones who haven't produced a live yet and I can't wait to see what both of them will come up with. :3
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