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I've got quite a bit to catch up on again, but I'll start with going to the exist+trace x Sixh fashion show/live. It was on 5/3, a good way to start the second half of Golden Week. It was at Ikebukuro Black Hole, so April and I met up in the afternoon and then went to the live.

The first thing we did after getting inside was get in line for goods. Of course, Sixh was selling special items for the live. The shirts were cute, but I didn't get any because I already have so many black shirts. Instead, April and I ended up buying happy packs which contained a few different shirts, a pretty scarf, and a necklace. We also got cheki of exist+trace for buying a happy pack (mine was a pic of Miko and Jyou).

After buying our things, April and I found Aki and went up to the front of the stage. We ended up close to the front on Omi's side (as per usual). The stage was slightly different this time because a walkway area was roped off in front of the center. We had a really nice view of both the stage and the runway, since the venue was small.

The show started with an Ibi voice over and some images from the Galaxy Emperor comic. Then the first runway walk began. The models were all of the members of exist+trace, Ibi, and that one cute boyish staff girl from h.NAOTO's Harajuku store. Everyone was looking really good! Mally's cute boyish walk was especially adorable and I loved Omi's look. Miko and Ibi surprised everyone by switching roles! Miko walked on stage wearing boyish clothes and make-up. Her usual look suits her quite well, but I've got to say that I really enjoyed boyish Miko. Next, Ibi came onstage in one of the Sixh dresses that Miko usually models and a long curly brown wig. He looked really good too! He's got some nice legs. XD After Ibi walked the stage, he went to the mic to sing while Naoto and Mally played. Then the rest of the runway show continued.

After they finished walking, exist+trace came on stage and did the first half of their performance. The first half was made up of some older songs, which made me happy! They even played "Ambivalence", which I feel like I haven't heard in forever. The girls performed about five songs, then it was time to continue with the show.

Ibi came on stage in his usual clothes and performed one song. He tries, bless him, but the boy just isn't meant to be a singer. He tried to get the audience pumped, but I feel like the only people who were excited were his fangirls. I really wanted to be excited, but his performance was only okay. Ibi, hon, you seem like a sweetie. Just stick to things you're good at, like designing awesome clothes.

Next was part two of the fashion show. Miko and Ibi, both in their usual outfits, performed a slow song together while the rest of the models walked the stage. As Omi walked, I swear she purposely brushed Miko's waist as she walked past her. X3

Then, it was time for part two of the band's performance! The girls came on stage and performed five more songs, including some new stuff, like "RAZE". At one point Jyou accidentally bumped the mic stand and the mic slid down. She made the most adorable surprised face. At the end of their set, Ibi came on stage with the band to sing one of the Sixh Opera songs together. The show ended with an encore, where Ibi performed "Signal" with the band.

After the live was over, April and I hopped over to the other side of Ikebukuro to have a late dinner at 80+1. All in all, it was definitely a fun night! I loved getting to see exist+trace model Ibi's clothes and I got some cool new clothes, too. :)


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