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On Wednesday night, I went to the first live of Mejibray's new oneman tour, Blitz of Messiah! The live was at Star Lounge in Shibuya. It was a sold out show. I'm honestly not sure how they managed to fit all of us in the venue because it was pretty small. The crowd literally stretched back past the merch tables, to the back of the live house.

The live started about 10-15 minutes late. I was starting to get crabby/impatient again, but that all went away as soon as the band took the stage! The curtain opened and there was Meto, sitting in his wheelchair as usual, only this time he was in his goth loli outfit and twirling a parasol. Koichi then took the stage. He wasn't wearing his eye patch this time, which I wasn't quite used to. Mia came on stage in his full "Messiah" outfit, including the elf ears. Then Tsuzuku arrived on stage. He had a shorter version of the the "Messiah" extensions in his hair (presumably because the longer ones would get tangled as hell).

The band opened with "トロシナ", which I wasn't expecting since it had been an encore song last time! The crowd immediately compacted and I went from being near the merch tables to the middle of the crowd, which I was quite pleased with. Since the venue was so small, the view was good. I think the crowd was momentarily caught off guard by "トロシナ" as the first song, but everyone hopped to it right away and did the back and forth moshing. Since Tsuzuku was wearing his feathery jacket, a feather got stuck on his lipstick. He bent down a little and let the crowd pull it off of his lips.

Next was was "Die Kusse" and then "Messiah". At this point the venue was already getting very hot and sweaty, since it was so packed. Tsuzuku did a little MC after the songs. Since it was so hot, he'd taken off his feathery jacket. He was wearing one of his net shirts and a silver vest under it. He asked the staff to give him the jacket again and put it back on. Then he decided that it was too hot and threw it to the audience and told them to wear it. He then had to ask for it back though. During all this, poor Meto looked like he was going to melt into a puddle at the back of the stage. The poor thing was wearing a pleather top, which couldn't have been very comfortable. Mia looked pretty hot too, with all his leather. They somehow managed not to overheat though and gave us a great performance.

Tsuzuku gave extra long MCs during the live to give everyone time to cool down. During the first MC, he told us that the band wouldn't be playing any of their slower songs, like "Emily". This made for an awesome fast paced setlist, but that also meant that we didn't really get a break. So much jumping and headbanging! I was so tired, but it was so worth it.

After that my memory of the setlist gets pretty fuzzy, but throughout the night they played all the new songs from MESSIAH.bat! Since the mini-album was released the day of the live, I hadn't had time to listen to it yet. It was my first time hearing all of the new songs, except "Messiah". It is a flawless mini! I love all the songs on the album, especially "Fallen Maria", "worms" and "枷と知能". They were really fun live! I can't wait to hear them again at the next live, now that I know the songs better.

I know the band played "Black baccarat", "D.E.Incubus", and "Sadisgate". I can't even remember which song they played last during the main set though. orz (Tsuzuku, I need you to post the setlist!) When the song ended, the boys walked offstage to "Schwarze Messe", the outro to MESSIAH.bat (which was originally the intro to the "Sabato" PV). Meto came to the front of the stage again with his parasol and the curtains closed.

The boys kept us waiting a little bit for the encore, and rightly so, since it took the audience a bit to get their shit together and do a unison encore call. While we were waiting, a little ways in front of me, a girl passed out in the crowd. Mejibray fans are pretty good though. They immediately got the attention of the staff in the back, and then about half a dozen of the girls standing near her picked her up, parted the crowd and carried her out of the live house. Those of us in the crowd stayed parted until the rest of the girls returned, allowing them to go back to their spots.

After that was taken care of, the boys came back on stage! Meto came out first as usual. He had switched his pleather top for a tour t-shirt and was now wearing sunglasses. It made a pretty amusing picture because he was still wearing his loli skirt and bonnet. After Meto's usual drum solo, Koichi and Mia came back to the stage. Then Tsuzuku returned and it was time to rock.

They started the encore with "Chameleon Yummy", which is always a fun song! I love the back and forth, and this time I was actually close enough to get in on the gyaku diving! I got to crowd up to the front of the stage, near Tsuzuku and Koichi! I was almost close enough for them to grab my hand, but not quite. (Next time!)

There was a little bit of trouble during "Chameleon Yummy" though. Koichi tried to crowd surf (again) and though the crowd was able to get him back to the stage this time, the momentum caused some girls near me to fall over in a pile. The band noticed what was going on and stopped the show while me and some other girls helped pull them up. Tsuzuku asked if we were okay and then he turned to Koichi. Koichi was like, "But I didn't even dive this time!", since he literally dived into the crowd last time and caused a large pile up. Tsuzuku calmly told Koichi that he was mad and to stop doing it. Koichi agreed and sheepishly apologized to the audience. Tsuzuku told us that they want us to have fun, but they also want us to be safe and he made us promise to help each other out. With that taken care of, it was back to the music. The boys restarted "Chameleon Yummy" and we were off!

Don't remember the order of the setlist encore, but the boys played all the usual fun songs, like "Want", "Apocalypse", and "トロシナ". Tsuzuku kept spitting water on us and I got splashed with it several times. I also got splashed when Koichi spit water.

During one of Tsuzuku's MC's, the boys were goofing around a bit. Meto took a drink and when Tsuzuku saw it he said that it looked like Meto was about to sing, since he was holding the bottle up like a microphone. Meto then struck a pose and Tsuzuku launched into the first few bars of AKB48's "Flying Get", while Meto proceeded to do a little dance. Lol.

Tsuzuku talked about the new tour goods.The new tour shirt comes in both black and white. Tsuzuku told us girls that we could buy the white shirt and not wear a cami underneath it. You perv~ Koichi also told us about the Snow White goods he designed. Tsuzuku said that since Koichi designed it, it wasn't 白雪姫 (Snow White) but 桃雪姫 (Snow Pink).

At the end of "Apocalypse", Tsuzuku ended up unexpectedly having to do another long MC because Koichi's bass was giving him trouble and the techs had to spend the better part of 10 min fiddling with it. During that time, a guy in the crowd held up a lost slipper he found (why girls insist on wearing crocs and slippers to concerts where there's no crowd surfing is beyond me) and Tsuzuku saw it and asked the audience if we'd lost a slipper. He then rambled on about different things for a while, though I can't remember most of what he said now. He seemed to be having trouble deciding what to say next, so he looked over to Mia, who just went :3 and blinked back at him lol. Tsuzuku eventually got Koichi to jump in and help him out a bit. Then, the techs were finally able to fix Koichi's bass and we could continue. It seemed like they were then running short on time, but the boys decided to continue anyways!

They played "Avalon", "トロシナ", and then wrapped the show up with "カルマ". "トロシナ" was so much fun! There was all of the back and forth moshing, as well as the usual gyaku diving. Tsuzuku then started handing the mic into the audience and having fans do the yelling into the mic! It was great. A couple fans were really good at it, but some of them were to shy and typically Japanese to really yell it.

I was almost afraid that they wouldn't get to play "カルマ" because they were short on time, so it made me really happy that they played it! The live was then over. The boys thanked us and Tsuzuku told us he loved us. Then, everyone but Meto left the stage. He came to the front and fell over as usual. That was the signal that the live was over.

Even though I'd moved up to the middle, I was able to get back to the goods pretty fast. I bought the new cheki file, with the cute Snow White picture, because I'd been wanting a cheki file anyways. I also bought five cheki. I ended up with two of Tsuzuku, two of Koichi, and one of Meto. As I was leaving the line, a Japanese fan stopped me and asked me who my favorite member was. I told her it was Tsuzuku and she offered to trade me a Tsuzuku cheki for one of my Koichi cheki. I agreed because the two pics I got of Koichi were almost exactly the same shot. So then I ended up with three Tsuzuku cheki! I also chatted a bit with a nice German fan while we waited in line to use our drink tickets.

As soon as I got my drink, I hurried out of the live house since it was getting late. I also had a mission. I hadn't had time to pick up a copy of MESSIAH.bat yet because I'd had work all day before the live and I was desperate to get my hands on a copy after hearing all of the new songs. So I hurried over to Tower Records, since it's one of the only stores in Tokyo that's open until 11 PM. I got there around 10:30 and snatched up a copy of the B-type CD (with the Liquidroom live DVD). I'd almost forgotten about it in my excitement to just get a copy of the CD, but since I bought the CD on it's release date I got a ticket to the album signing, too!

I would've been one happy camper on the way home from the live, except for the fact that I'd gotten my period during the show and by that point I was starting to feel like shit. I basically curled in on myself during the second part of train ride home. Once I got home, I showered and curled up to listen to my CD. I still felt pretty crappy, but I was in a fairly good mood nonetheless.

I was so excited to see Mejibray again and they definitely didn't disappoint! The boys are doing a good job of cementing their spot as one of my favorite bands. More on Mejibray to come in another entry because this was not the only time I ended up seeing them during Golden Week.:3
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