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This weekend was a three day weekend and the first part of Golden Week. I basically spent almost the entire weekend with April, which was lovely! We started with shopping on Saturday. We bought a number of things we'd been looking for (like I finally bought a new purse), so it was a pretty productive day.

Sunday was Tokyo Rainbow Pride, which was a lot of fun!  I went with April, Leslie, and Kaille. While still small in comparison to Chicago Pride, the event was definitely bigger than last year. I'm glad that it appears to be growing each year. There was a small parade and some cool performances. Kaille and Leslie got adorable wedding pictures taken (even though they're not a couple). And after the day was over, we all took purikura together.

Purikura 59

After purikura and dinner, April, Kaille, and I did some karaoke (Leslie couldn't come with because she had work the next day). Then, April and I headed out to Ni-chome for a little bit of post-Pride celebrating. I ran into Ali for a bit (it had been forever since I'd seen her!) and then we met up with April's friend Christophe. April and I were tempted to stay out all night, but we decided not to because we were tired.

On Monday, April and I relaxed for a bit in the morning. In the evening we headed out to Ikebukuro to see Iron Man 3. It was an awesome movie! I won't say much more because I know everyone hasn't seen it yet, but it was definitely worth seeing!

Just have to get through a couple more days of work and then there's a four day weekend. But before all that, I'm seeing Mejibray tomorrow night! They're kicking off their new tour in Shibuya tomorrow and I'm super excited to see them again~
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