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On Saturday, Kaille and I went to G-Dragon's concert at the Seibu Dome! Despite the crummy weather, it was such a fun show to see!

I put together my best K-pop style outfit for the show, which included my galaxy shirt, pleather skirt, mis-matched tights, sparkly platform high tops, GD style safety pin earring, and my studded cap (which was actually one of the goods from GazettE's last tour, but fit in perfectly with GD's current style). It's kind of silly, but I felt pretty fierce wearing it. I fit right in with the crowd, too!

Kaille and I met up at the Seibu Dome a few hours before the doors were supposed to open, so that we could line up to get goods. Luckily, the wait in line wasn't so long. Unluckily, it started to rain as we were waiting. At least I was able to buy the few things that I wanted though. I ended up with the tour tote bag and some Crayon chocolate. Kaille bought the ridiculous "flash knuckle", which was basically a light-up plastic brass knuckle, to wear during the show. I didn't get one because I already had my crown lightstick.

After buying goods, Kaille and I were hungry. We wanted to eat before the show, but there wasn't anywhere good to sit down and eat near the station, so we took the train a few stops over to Tokorozawa for food. We weren't the only ones who had the same idea either. The Saizeriya that we ate at/loitered in was half filled with other fans waiting for the G-Dragon concert. We waited at Saizeriya for at least an hour or so.

On our way back to the Seibu Dome, we stopped and took some purikura to capture our ridiculous K-pop fashion.

Purikura 57

Purikura 58

Doors were open by the time we arrived at the Seibu Dome, so we went inside. Kaille and I were a bit dismayed to realize that while the Seibu Dome thankfully had a roof, it was open air. It was rainy and cold outside, so that meant that we were in for one cold concert. We found our seats and realized that they weren't bad! We were in the first level of stands on the far right of the stage, but we weren't that high up and we still had a decent view of things.

We bounced around in our seats to stay warm while we waited for the show to start. At one point right before the show started, a huge wave of screams went up from the back of the stadium. We looked up to see a person being escorted down to a special seat in the back. I don't know who it was, but it must have been someone famous because the crowd made such a fuss.

Soon enough it was time for the show to start. The stage had been showing GD MVs the whole time we were waiting. Right before the show started, they bumped up the sound and played GD's latest "MIchiGO" PV to get us pumped.

The lights went down and an intro video started playing. It showed a car chase scene, with G-Dragon driving a futuristic car. Then, with a screech of tires, GD arrived on stage in the car! He was wearing a red racing jumpsuit with patches all over it and shiny silver sunglasses. His hair was blonde with reddish overtones and he had it faux hawked. After giving us a few moments to bask in his glory, Jiyong launched into "MichiGO". It was definitely a good way to start the show!

After "MichiGO", GD sang "Heartbreaker". He reached down and tugged and the legs of his jumpsuit and it opened and turned into a long coat with tails. He then pulled the coat off completely and danced around wearing a flowy, multi-layered white sleeveless shirt for  "One of a Kind".

Going to stop for a moment here an comment on GD's stage presence. I'm sure I've realized this before, but you really notice it when he's solo. GD is an unexplained mix of sass and swag. One minute he's bamf and the next he's adorable. I don't know how he manages to pull it off so well, but he does!

Next up was "Light It Up". Since Tablo wasn't there, they rolled a screen across the stage and projected Tablo singing onto it. GD interacted with the screen as if Tablo was really there lol. The same thing was done during "The Leaders" and fierce queen CL was projected on the screen to sing her part in the song.

Then a slower set of songs started. In one of my favorite parts of the show, Ji sang "Butterfly". I've been having a lot of feelings about the song recently and he put on a lovely performance, complete with large silk butterflies flying around the stage.

There was on outfit change somewhere in the set of slow songs, so a video played while GD was off stage. It showed images of GD frozen in ice, then a fiery circle. The fiery circle somehow prompted Kaille and I to start making Lord of the Rings jokes, so while the video played we made jokes about Big Bang and 2NE1 being in the Fellowship of YG Family. Idk.

When GD came back out for "That XX", he was wearing what appeared to be a large, floppy black ladies' garden hat. He then proceeded to drap himself over a diamond encrusted throne while he sang. Oh, Ji. Stay fabulous.

After the slow set, "Don't Stop Believin'" started playing (much to mine and Kaille's confusion) as the rolled GD's DJ booth on stage. It was shaped like a giant spiky collar and GD stepped inside it to DJ. He played "Today" and we all sang along with him during the chorus. It was fun! Then he left the DJ booth to perform "A Boy". He had a gold mic stand shaped like a dragon that he used while he sang.

After that GD called Taeyang to the stage! Tae was the special guest at this concert. I love his music and he's still a sweetie, but I'm getting sick of him appropriating black hip-hop culture. I think he does it from a place of love/admiration, but he just comes off looking foolish.That being said, I did still enjoy his songs (even if he did look ridic). Taeyang sang "Where U At" and "Break Down", two of my favorite songs from his album. He trolled us a bit before "Break Down" though, trying to make us think he was going to sing one of his new songs. Not cool, Tae. Stop being a tease! Gotta say that I would've rather had T.O.P as the guest. Then he and GD could've sang a GD&TOP song. :3

Then, it was time for GD to come back! He'd changed costumes again and was wearing the ridiculous brown wig from "MichiGO' with a fuzzy jersey. He sang "This Love" and "1 Year Station". He must have been pretty cold because the jersey was sleeveless and had a see-through mesh back. And by this point it was cold enough that we could all see our breath and GD's. He went backstage for an outfit change after those two songs though.

The band played an interlude while GD changed. He then appeared on the catwalk on the right side of the stage (our side of the stage). He was dressed in a outfit that I will describe as 'K-pop meets Assassin's Creed'. It had a black hood and some kind of shoulder pads. He surprised me by playing "Obsession", which I hadn't actually expected to hear at the concert! As he sang the song, he slowly climbed the scaffolding of the stage, to the top where a woman (his "obsession") artfully posed in a picture frame. As the song ended, she fell from the frame. GD then launched into "She's Gone" and it was perfect. He stumbled around the stage looking distraught and the fact that it was so cold you could see his breath really added to the atmosphere of the song. At the end of the song, he came down to the front of the stage and rain began to fall on stage. GD walked into the rain and it looked awesome, but all I could of was how cold he must be. Luckily, they pulled him off stage for another outfit change as soon as the song ended.

A video of GD running from whoever the hell had been chasing after him played (while staff quickly squeegied the water off of the stage lol). When the video ended, a mysterious figure ziplined across the stage. The figure then began walking forward and I was sure that it was GD. It wasn't immediately apparent though because you couldn't see his face. He was wearing a hat comprised of multiple video screens. The screens flashed random images until they said "G-Dragon Spotted". He then took off the hat and revealed that he was indeed GD.

Then, at long last, it was finally time for us to get our cray on! It was "Crayon" time! GD was wearing a fab multi-colored jacket and pants set and his hair was curly. We were so pumped for this song and it was so much fun! Near the end of the song, it transitioned into "Fantastic Baby" and GD performed a solo version of it! Aww yeah. It was an awesome end to the main part of the concert.

Of course, there was an encore though! Right before GD came back on stage, a cute little video of him (in the ridiculous "MichiGO" wig) played, where he pantomimed that there was no more to the concert and that we should all go home. We yelled back that we wouldn't and the real GD came back!

Kaille and I were super surprised because he came out on a platform that was pushed around the area near the stands! And for once, we were at the right level to get a decent view! GD performed "Breathe" while he was on the platform. He came by our section and the crowd went crazy. It made me realize just how small and adorable he is. I mean, I already knew it, but it's another thing to actually see someone up close. Shortly after he was pushed past our section, GD started throwing tour goods into the crowd. Why didn't you throw some stuff our way, GD?

Once he got back to the stage, Taeyang joined GD to sing "Bad Boy". GD and Taeyang were both wearing matching black coats with G's on the back. GD's also said 'Boss' on the back and Taeyang's said "Homie" (*facepalm*). When the dancers returned to the stage they were also wearing the same coat's, but theirs said "Staff" on the back. So if GD is the boss and the dancers are staff, that means that Taeyang's official title is "homie". He is GD's official homie. Idek boys. Idek.

After thanking introducing the band and thanking the staff and the audience, GD started to leave the stage. We kept cheering for him though and he started teasing us about performing another song. He gave in and performed "MichiGO" again! We had fun dancing along for one more song and GD was extra silly. Then it was time for the show to end. GD ran over to the end of each catwalk and bowed to us and threw kisses into the audience. (Precious bb.) After a few minutes, he finally made his way off stage.

We were cold and it was still raining, but we didn't care because the show was awesome! Kaille and I made our way over to the station and took the packed train a few stops over for more food. (Dancing around for hours is hard work yo.) We ended up splitting some food at a yakitori place, while we chatted about the show. It was yummy. Definitely a good choice to end the night.

I'm glad that I got to see GD's solo show. (These days, he gives T.O.P a run for his money as my favorite Big Bang member.) Even though it was cold, the concert was definitely worth it. And after all this time, I was finally able to get my cray~on!


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