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On Sunday, my two week concert extravaganza came to an end with GazettE's tour final (and 11th anniversary) at Saitama Super Arena! It was the perfect way to end everything, saving the best for last.


I tried to get plenty of sleep the night before the show, so I'd be recovered from the Miyavi live. I woke up and got ready for the show in the morning, with the intention of arriving at the venue early. Before I could finish getting ready, I had to run down the street to the drug store and buy new eyeliner. My eyeliner was running out and it's just not proper to go to a J-rock live without eyeliner. I picked up some Rose of Versailles eyeliner, which works like a dream and survives the live test (meaning that it didn't smudge and give me panda eyes after the concert).

But enough about my eyeliner! I finished getting ready and headed off to Saitama Shintoshin and the Super Arena. When I left the house, it was lovely and warm outside, if not a bit too windy. By the time I got near Omiya, it was cooling off and the wind had picked up to gusting proportions. I noticed that they sky was turning brownish, which made me a bit concerned.

The wind was awful by the time I actually arrived at the arena and was blowing in dirt and dust. I was able to make my way to the very end of the goods line and proceeded to wait in line for an hour and a half. I could feel the dirt blowing into my eyes and sticking to my skin, which was gross. I wasn't about to miss out on goods though, so I waited it out. Eventually I was able to get through the line and buy almost everything I wanted, as well as the goods that I promised to pick up for [livejournal.com profile] lotos79, since she couldn't be there. For myself, I ended up buying a towel, the pamphlet, one of the black iPhone sticker covers, and the studded slippers. (Yes, studded slippers. Thank you, Ruki. They're quite awesome.)

Then it was, of course, time to wait in line to pick up my GFC ticket. By that point it had started lightly raining. I was in line next to some girls from Singapore and we started commiserating about the weather. They were quite nice and were visiting Japan just for the concert, so we spent our time in line chatting about J-rock.

I finally got my ticket and found that I was in row 11! Pretty damn good for an arena show. GFC membership continues to be worth the cost. After waiting for another half an hour in the miserable wind, doors finally opened. I was able to make my way inside the arena pretty quickly and found my way to my seat (which was only possible by entering at the very back of the arena and walking the entire way to the front). I was happy to be on Uruha's side again this time! I was also lucky to be in the 11th row because after the first 12 rows, there was a gap and tracks laid down for the big cameras to film the show. There were a couple rows of GFC seats in front of the cameras and a couple behind the cameras. Since the cameras were right behind us, I'll laugh if I somehow end up on the DVD.

While waiting for the show to start, I chatted with Gesa and Sina, the German girls who were seated next to me. (Recently, I seem to be meeting a lot of girls from Germany at GazettE lives. XD) They seemed cool and together we squealed over the pictures in the tour pamphlet, which are quite sexy this time around. We almost couldn't believe it when we turned to Kai's sexy shirtless pictures! Then, the three of us ended up moving a couple seats to the left, so that some other fans from Singapore could all sit together. We all waited impatiently for the show to start!

The show got started about 10-15 minutes late this time, but soon enough the lights went down and the intro started. It was the same "[Diplosomia]/[XI]" intro that they played during the main part of the tour, but I think the accompanying images might have been a bit different. The band members then took the stage in their usual order.

The band was wearing different outfits for the tour final. Ruki had on a black jacket with a silky grey scarf attached to the front of it. Aoi, Reita, and Kai were also wearing black. Uruha was wearing a sleeveless grey outfit that showed off his lovely arms. I also have to comment on Uruha's hair. It's still asymmetrical and the one side is getting quite long. Watching his hair blowing in the breeze from the fans made me want to run my fingers through it. XD

The setlist for the main part of the live was the same as it was for the first part of the tour. Not that I'm complaining (and not that I expected any differently either). It just means that there's not quite as much to write about this part. The band started off hard and fast with "Derangement" and went from there, playing through songs like "Gabriel on the Gallows" and "Vortex". I immediately threw myself into the music, giving this concert everything I had. This concert turned into another case where I was so into it, that everything started blurring together into a sea of music and light and Gazette, Gazette, Gazette. I swear, they're the only band that has such an effect on me.

During a small break leading into the slow set, one of the girls from Singapore leaned over to me and whispered how great the band was in an amazed tone of voice. I agreed with her and she told me it was her first time seeing the band. Gazette just has that effect on people.

I'm pretty sure I said this in my last entry about this tour, but I have to say it again. Listening to "余韻" live gives me fucking chills every time. Listening to it on CD, just doesn't compare. It's a great song on CD, but it's so powerful live that you can literally feel the waves of sound washing over you. And just, goosebumps, all over.

The band picked it back up again with "
歪", after the slow set in the middle. This led into a bunch of fun songs like "ヘドロ", "Sludgy Cult", and "Headache Man". During "Headache Man", half of our row spilled into the aisle to dance around and I joined them. It was even more fun than just the usual dancing back and forth! I think that's the first time that I've been close enough to the aisle to do that.

During one of the MCs, Ruki took turns asking all the different parts of the arena to yell (the back, the stands, the arena floor, etc.). After we'd yelled to his satisfaction, Ruki said, "Yes, yes, yes" in English. I also seem to recall him walking in circles around the stage a lot.

The band ended the set with "Required Malfunction" and left the stage. Just like the previous lives on the tour, "[Melt]" began playing. All of the sudden a pyrotechnic explosion when off at the front of the stage and cause all of us in the audience to jump a foot in the air in surprise. Then, there were flames and things on stage started sparking. Half of one of the large light rigs came unattached and swung down towards the stage! There was a split second where I literally thought that GazettE had broken the stage and the rest of the live was over. I stood watching in fascinated horror, with my hands over my mouth. Then, the other large light rig started falling down too, as more fireworks and explosions went off around the stage. It was then that I realized that things were exploding in time with the music. GazettE was literally blowing up the fucking stage. On purpose. Ohmygod. I want to know whose idea that was. (*cough*Ruki*cough*) I bet the boys were gleefully watching the audience freak out from back stage. By the time it ended, the audience was cheering. I turned to Gesa and Sina and first thing we all said was, "Oh my god!". Seriously, just when I think I know what's going to happen, then BAM, GazettE will never stop surprising me!

There was a bit of time to wait before the first encore, which was probably a good thing because we needed time to stop freaking out. I chatted a bit with one of the girls from Singapore while we waited.

We cheered when the lights went down and Reita and Kai came on stage. Of course, they started off with the new version of "Ride With the Rockers" and paused as usual so Kai could yell to us. Then, Aoi and Uruha joined them on stage. Aoi stood looking quite proud of himself, and then I realized that it was because he was playing the new guitar from the design contest. It was black and hot pink and the shape looked a little like it was melting. It also had some glittery strands of beads hanging off the bottom. Definitely the kind of guitar I could only see someone like Aoi playing.
(≧∇≦) Then, Ruki arrived on stage. The band was wearing new tour shirts and Ruki was wearing a long black cardigan with gold studs all over the shoulders.

The setlist for this encore was especially fun this time around! The boys started with "Akai One Piece", which I haven't heard them play at the past couple of lives I've been to, so I was glad to hear it. Then Ruki asked us if we were ready to dance and the band played "Psychedelic Heroine". There was more dancing in the aisles then. Next was "Filth in the Beauty" and "Cockroach", which I was thrilled to hear as always. ("Filth" is still my favorite GazettE song and "Cockroach" was the first of their songs that I ever heard.)

There are a couple cute moments I remember from the encore, though I don't remember when they specifically happened. Uruha went over to Aoi's side of the stage to go stand near the audience, and as he walked by he reached out and tapped Aoi's butt, which Aoi seemed surprised by. During another point, Uruha and Ruki were at the front of the stage together. They kind of leaned up against each other and poked at each other a bit.

The band then ended the encore with "Linda" and there was much clapping and dancing and headbanging. \(^▽^@)ノ As the boys were leaving the stage, Kai threw his drumsticks to the crowd. At one point, I think he was reaching his arm back to throw a drumstick, but his grip slipped and the stick flew off in the opposite direction. Anytime Kai has drumstick fail, it's adorable.

As we called for the second encore, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" played, as usual. The boys came back and it was time for "Kantou"! I had wanted to actually get down on the floor for once, but there wasn't quite enough room in the seats and the aisles were full. So I just gave it all I had while standing. Here's some bits that I remember seeing between all the headbanging. Reita came over to our side at flipped us off. At one point, I looked up and saw Reita and Uruha near the front of the stage, picking at each other's instruments. Ruki went into the crowd again (just like he did during Omega). He would go to the edge of the stage, then climb around until he was up in the stands. I think the camera crew was better prepared to follow him this time, but I lost track of him a few times. Of course, at that point, a lot of the audience was paying attention to Ruki. I looked back up at the stage and saw the rest of the boys trying to coax our attention back to them. Aoi pretended to look disappointed and flipped us off. (Yes, dear. I know you can't stand it when people aren't paying attention to you!) Once Ruki returned to the stage, the band wrapped up the song. I read online that Aoi kissed Ruki on the cheek, but I don't remember it happening, so I think it was probably during "Kantou" and I missed it...

Ruki did a small MC about the 11th anniversary and then announced that the last song would be "Best Friends"! Aww, I was wondering if they'd end with a special song because of the anniversary. I hadn't been expecting them to play "Best Friends" though! As the song started, silver streamers were shot off and those of us who were close enough to the stage grabbed handfuls of them to wave around in time with the music. During the final chorus, all of the band used their mics to sing along together and that got me right in the heart. We sang along with them in the audience.

When the song came to an end, the boys all came to the front of the stage together. Aoi grabbed onto Reita and pretended to repeatedly kick him. Silly boy. Ruki then told us that all of the members would say something for the 11th anniversary. He handed the mic to Uruha first. Uruha told us that this tour had gone by fast and he thanked the fans and the staff. Kai was next and he thanked everyone and promised to continue doing his best. Next up was Reita. He said that it felt like they'd just started the band, but it had already been eleven years. He said that he wants to do this until he dies. He handed the mic to Aoi, who kind of shied away before grabbing it. Then he rambled on and said a bunch of stuff that I don't quite remember because he was rambling. He told us that our faces that night were great. He sort of trailed off a couple of times, leading us to believe he was done talking, so we'd start clapping, but then he'd start talking again. XD When he finally finished and handed the mic to Ruki, Ruki was like, "I don't even know what you just said...". Then it was Ruki's turn to thank us and he said that we should all fly to the sky together.

That was our cue to all grab each other's hands.The boys grabbed each other's hands and Ruki asked if everyone had someone to hold onto. Then Ruki said, "Let's fly," and we all jumped up together. Kai fell down when he landed, but I think it was on purpose. The boys ran around the stage and said their goodbyes to us. They threw water bottles and Kai threw more drumsticks. Uruha was the last one left on stage. Then he gave us a little wave a jogged off.

The stage went dark and a video started playing. It announced that the Melt live DVD will be released on June 26th, which was met with cheers. Then the video went on and announced that a new single, called "Fadeless", will be released in August! I was kind of expecting the announcement to stop there, but then it announced that a new album, called "Beautiful Deformity", will be released in October! We were losing it in the audience by this point. Then, the announcement continued with a list of fall/winter tour dates for the band's next tour, Magnificent Malformed Box! Everything almost seemed too good to be true. I can't believe that we're getting yet another new album, a year after the last one.

There was a great feeling at the end of the live. Everyone was so excited. I looked around and saw everyone else hugging their friends. It made me wish that Doreen and Katja could be there, so we could've shared the moment.

I grabbed my stuff and left the arena with Gesa and Sina. Gesa and I exchanged info before we parted ways, since she's currently living in Tokyo. I then fought my way through the wind, over to the station.

The way into the station was filled with indies bands handing out their flyers. I felt bad for them though because it was so damn windy. Standing out in that wind definitely was not fun and they were also trying to keep their flyers from blowing away. Regardless of that fact, I got a pretty decent stack of flyers. I almost walked right past Hiko from Danger Gang before I realized it was her (which is a shame because she's super attractive). She did hand me a flyer though. Then, I noticed Shion from Signal. I've been thinking about going to their oneman next month, so I purposely stopped in front of him to get a flyer. I waited my turn since he was handing a flyer to someone else. When Shion noticed that I had stopped and was waiting for a flyer, he cutely folded it in half to prevent it from blowing away before handing it to me. He seems pretty adorable. Definitely leaning towards going to their live.

Then it was time for me to make my hour long trip back home, tweeting excitedly the whole way. Doreen, Katja, and I started talking about possible plans for the next tour, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

That concert was the best possible way to end this round of lives. I really couldn't have asked for a better show. I tweeted this the night of the concert and I'll say it again here. I'm pretty sure that going to GazettE concerts is the closest I get to a religious experience. Happy 11th Anniversary to my favorite boys! I'm so glad I could be there this time. <3
From: [identity profile] lotos79.livejournal.com
... and at the last day of my vacation no less. I told you I would get to do it in my spare time. 8D

trudging through the dirt in order to get Gazette goods, you are still my hero! lol

GFC is totally worth the cost, if you frequent concerts of their artists. I have no clue why people keep complaining about it.

German girls... *waves* we are the next invasion *giggles*

Out of 23 Gazette concerts I only remember 1 where they did start on time, haha. But hey, I guess we can live with 15 minutes delay. That is not as bad as what people like Justin Bieber pull off. Oo

Blowing up the stage... *is in awe* man, I should have been there to see that myself!! Hopefully it will be on the DVD. ^^

I love it when Aoi is happy and satisfied with his work and equipment! A happy Aoi is relaxed. A happy Aoi makes the audience happy. hehe

I tell you, the most interesting stuff always happens during Kantou! So you have to choose between either moving with the crowd or trying to keep your eyes fixed on the stage... or both at the same time while risking serious damage. lol

hmm, I like it when Aoi rambles, even though he really is hard to understand sometimes. He's cute that way, though. (biased much, I know)

;___; I feel so many emotions right now. We gotta make it happen to attend some Gazette lives together again!
*bawls* I'm working through my finances but I'm really not sure if I can manage the expenses. I have not given up yet, though. I will probably turn this around in my head until the tickets start to go on sale in May.
You know... until the very last point. =__=

Date: 2013-04-14 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lotos79.livejournal.com
I see how it works... *squints eyes*
well, I guess your journal will be my playground for a while longer still 8D

still testing...

Date: 2013-04-14 08:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lotos79.livejournal.com
ohh! I figured it out! *happy*

ok, from my side the subject line is showing up in the header. Now I only wonder how it is being displayed on your end, as I'm probably using a script you don't. Is the subject line being displayed in the header or as a bold text inside the comment for you?

Date: 2013-04-17 10:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_yaten_kou_/
Ooo, really? Aww, we must not be using the same script because the subject just appears as bold text in the comment.

Haha, it was worth it to get the goods!

I think people are just looking for things to complain about.

I seem to always end up next to German girls at Gazette lives. XD Everyone has been fun to talk to though, so I definitely don't mind!

They always do seem to run a little bit late. 15 minutes is definitely not a bad amount of time though.

I can't imagine that they wouldn't put the stage exploding on the DVD! It was too awesome for them not to show it!

I'm always torn during "Kantou". I want to headbang, but then I miss seeing the boys goofing around!

I enjoy Aoi's rambling, too. I just wish he was easier to understand when he rambles. XD

Yes, I'm really hoping that we can go to more lives together! I hope that you'll be able to make it to some of the lives during the next tour. If you think that you'll try to get tickets, we should Skype before the sale so we can discuss plans!


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