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Just got home from te first show of Miyavi's Ahead of the Light tour! I'll write a short entry about it now because I have a GazettE live tomorrow.

I started the day by meeting April for lunch in Shibuya! We ate at the Tower Records Cafe and then found a different place to eat dessert. She also gave me omiyage from her trip back to America, some Honey Nut Cheerios! She remembered that I said I missed eating them, so she bought me a box. ^_^

Then it was onto Yokohama to see Miyavi! I met up with Aki at the station and the two of us found our way to the venue, F.A.D Yokohama. It was kind of hidden in the first floor (not basement floor, which was unusual) of a normal looking building. We were at the venue a little early, so to kill time we got a snack and drinks at the cafe next door.


Aki and I had rather high ticket numbers, so it was a while before we were able to get into the venue. While we were waiting, we checked in our bags and coats at the coat check. We were near the back by the time we finally got into the live house. The live house was literally just one room, with a low ceiling and a very low stage. I could already tell that it was going to be a bit difficult to see.

As soon as the lights went down, the crowd surged forward. Aki and I went from being near the back to being in the middle, which I was happy about. It was still hard to see though because the stage itself was so low. At least I could see Miyavi's head most of the time.

Myv came out dressed in the jacket from his "Ahead of the Light" PV. He was looking gorgeous, as usual! He kicked off the show with "Ahead of the Light", which made sense, seeing as how it's his new single. It was definitely a good way to start the live. The audience was super pumped! Lots of jumping around.

The next song was "Strong". After that I kind of lost track of the song order. I know he played "Ganryu", "Pleasure", and "Silent Anger" from Samurai Sessions. It wasn't long before Myv took off his jacket because he was hot.

In one of Miyavi's MCs he told us about his trip to perform at NAMM in California this year. He had to explain a bit about what it was because I don't think most of the audience knew much about it. It was a big deal for him to get to go to America and play in front of a lot of important people in the music industry. He said that he had to have a lot of confidence to go as a Japanese artist.

Myv played three new songs for us! I can't remember the names of all of them, but I know one of them was called "Secret". It had a pretty sexy sound (with lots of heavy breathing from Myv), so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing it on his next CD.

This is where the setlist gets pretty fuzzy in my mind. He played "Torture" and "Survive". He played "Futuristic Love" and then went straight into "Day 1". That was a lot of fun! I know there's other stuff that I'm missing, but I can't remember it at the moment...

Myv ended the main set by playing "What's My Name?". Previously, he'd usually start his shows with "What's My Name", so he joked that he was switching it up because he figured that he already knew his name by now. XD

We called Miyavi back for an encore. We didn't have to wait very long before he came back to the stage, now dressed in a tour t-shirt. He started the set with an acoustic version of "Ahead of the Light", which was cool to hear!

Then the staff brought MIyavi's phone on stage so he could take a picture of the crowd. They also brought a video camera, attached to a pole so that Miyavi could hold it out above us and get footage of the crowd. Myv then set the camera up so that it would record him playing on stage. He then told us that he'd end with a couple of older songs. First he sang "愛してからはじめよう" and asked us all to sing along with him. It's such a sweet song and it was nice to hear him play it.

The last song that Miyavi played was "君に願いを". There was literally a shriek of joy that went up from the crowd as soon as he started playing it. It's been a while since we've heard him play a lot of his old songs. You could tell it'd been a while since Myv had sang it because he almost stumbled over some of the lyrics during the first verse. It was still gorgeous though. I'm so happy the he decided to play it! ^_^

Miyavi ended things by video taping us one more time and then coming to the front of the stage and grabbing everyone's hands at the front of the crowd. The crowd surged forward again, but I didn't bother because I knew I wouldn't get close enough to touch Myv.

It felt like the live ended to soon, even though it went on for almost two hours. I wished that there would've been enough time for Miyavi to come back for a second encore. Despite that, it was still a great evening! Myv lives are always fantastic.

Now to get some rest before tomorrow's GazettE live! I'm almost at the end of my two week concert extravaganza.


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