Aug. 21st, 2013

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I've been way too busy with life to write recently. Now that my whirlwind three weeks are over, I finally have a little bit of time. First up is the half a week I spent in California with DJ!

Even though my flight was over an hour late, I met up with DJ with minimal fuss. He picked me up and we met up with Travis for dinner before heading back to Paul's place.

DJ and Travis are both living at Paul's house now. I like Travis and Paul, so I didn't mind having them around, I just wish I could've gotten a bit more one on one time with DJ (especially now when I really could've used it). Regardless, of that fact, it was still a nice trip though and Travis and Paul both tried to make sure that I had fun, too.

On our first full day, DJ, Paul, Travis, and I went to Monterey Bay. Monterey was quite nice. I liked the sort of quaint seaside feel it has. After lunch, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They had a pretty cool jellyfish exhibit there (which gave me Kuragehime feels). Then, after a stop for some Ghirardelli chocolate, we were on our way to Caramel. It's a really cute and pretty beachside town. Of course, we went down to the beach. The slope was pretty steep for my sprained ankle, so DJ ended up giving me a piggyback ride, while Paul snapped adorable pics of us. The beach was nice, but it made me a little lonely, since DJ and Travis were being cutesy and then I saw a lesbian couple being cute together. It was one of the many times I wished April could've been there.

That night, after we got back from the beach, DJ and I Skyped with his mom. She wanted to say 'hi' to me and see how I was doing, which was very sweet of her. She told me about her reaction when DJ first came out to her and how her opinions changed for the better over time. She told me that my mom will come around eventually and that if I wanted, she'd be willing to talk with my mom for me. I don't think I'll accept her offer right now (since my mom would just view it as butting in), but it meant a lot to me that she'd be willing to do it.

The next morning we got a bit of a late start, but the DJ, Travis, and I headed to San Francisco. We went on a boat tour under the Golden Gate Bridge, which was nice but pretty windy. Then, we went to the Exploratorium, which a this huge and really cool hands-on science museum. Then, we checked into our hotel room, which Travis had booked for the night.

After a sushi dinner, we decided to go out on the town. I'm afraid I kind of ruined the evening though. The boys tried to be nice and take me to check out a lesbian bar (not to look for anyone, just for fun). It just ended up making me sad though because I wanted April to be there with me. DJ saw that I wasn't feeling it, so we left to do to another bar just to sit and have drinks. I ended up crying before we even ordered drinks though. It was just a combination of everything (being tired, missing April, being upset about my family) and I couldn't do it. I felt even worse about it because we'd set up the evening specifically so that we could go out. The boys assured me that it was okay and took me back to the hotel room so that we could talk. Travis even ran out to get us ice cream and cookies. I talked with the boys about stuff for a while and cried some more as they tried to comfort me. They let me Skype with April too to help me feel better. DJ cuddled me for a bit and I fell asleep not too long after that.

The next day was better. We went to the California Academy of Sciences. My favorite part was the enclose rainforest sphere they had in the middle of the museum. It was filled with trees and free flying birds and butterflies. A beautiful little black, orange, and yellow butterfly landed on my hand and DJ got about a dozen shots of me with it. It made me smile because it reminded me of April.

After that, we called it a day so that Travis could get back for work at the bar. I spent the rest of the evening chilling with DJ and Paul, watching TV, drinking wine, and petting Elton (Travis's snuffly French bulldog). Didn't stay up too late though because DJ had to take me to the airport the next morning.

Despite everything, it was still a good trip. Much better than the week I spent with my family, that's for sure. It's always good to see DJ. It's comforting to know that as much as stuff changes, he'll always be one of my best friends.
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I have time and lots to write about, so I'm making another update. Next up is my trip to Seoul with April! We were there from August 9th-12th.

Wow, fantastic baby! )

April and I both agreed that the trip was quite fun. We had a great time going together, on our first trip as a couple. If I get the chance, someday I think it'd be fun to go back and explore Seoul even further.


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